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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need professional equipment to be a vlogger?

No. You can vlog with your smartphone and still achieve amazing results. We recommend investing in a few key accessories, but our blog will show you how to get started without any additional equipment.

Can I really turn my passion into a career?

Absolutely. Smartphone vlogging is a growing industry that offers plenty of opportunities for those who are passionate and determined. Our blog will show you how to get started, grow your audience and monetise your content.

Do I need a lot of technical knowledge to start vlogging?

No. You may need to learn a few technical terms and settings, but our blog offers step-by-step tutorials and guides that will make the process easy and fun.

Is it expensive to start smartphone vlogging?

No. You can start with your smartphone and basic equipment like a tripod or a microphone. Our blog covers affordable options, so you can get started without breaking the bank.

How can I increase my visibility and followers?

Our blog addresses the best practices for getting noticed by more people, including things like SEO, social media promotion and collaborations with other vloggers.

How can I monetize my smartphone vlogging content?

Our blog covers the different monetisation methods, including advertising companies and products in your content, affiliate marketing programs, and much more.